We all study how our eyes look as they stare back at us year after year. Those little lines begin to creep up and the skin starts to sag a little. The dark shadows under your eyes bother you. As we age, all kinds of things happen. Our eyes are especially sensitive to the aging process, as the skin is so thin. What are you going to do about it? Well, you have several options, depending on the type and severity of your issue.

For your dark circles, you might try something as easy as skin lightening products. They contain ingredients like Hydroquinone to lighten and brighten the skin. You can even fix the darkness with fillers! Fillers plump up the skin which can alleviate shadowing under the eyes. Fillers usually last 12-18 months, so you'll see nice results for quite some time!

Fine lines and crows feet might be the driving you crazy. If so, you might try Botox, which will weaken the muscles that allow you to squint. Patients notice a drastic difference in their facial lines with this treatment. Treatments usually last about 3 months.

If you do anything, get a good eye cream! Keeping the area moisturized is very important to working on all of these issues. It's a treatment that you should work into your daily routine. Another great and simple daily routine is to use Latisse. Long lashes make you look younger. It's a proven fact!

Whatever you need, there's probably a good fix for it. Gather information and make an educated decision!