You may have heard about enzymes in your food, but have you ever heard of them in your skincare?

You probably equate them to your digestive tract, as something that helps you to break down food during digestion. This is true, but they can also be used to help speed up reactions within your skincare products. When you see that a skincare product contains an enzyme, the goal of the product is typically exfoliation.

Some plant derived enzymes can be sourced from pumpkin (see October Blog), papaya, and even pineapple. Enzymes work to eat and digest dead skin cells, leaving you with brighter and more clear skin. A good way to see if your skincare product has an enzyme within (if it is not noted on the packaging), is to look for product ingredients that end in '-ase' (typically indicated an enzyme of sorts).

You should be exfoliating your skin on a regular basis and this is another way to help you with that process to reveal softer, younger, and more fresh skin that exists below all the dead skin cells.

My favorite skincare product that we sell here at Renu Laser and Skin Care is by IMAGE, VITAL C – Hydrating Enzyme Masque. I put this on maybe once or twice a week, right before bed, and I always wake up with such bright and glowing skin that feels fresh and clean!

For more information on skincare and exfoliating techniques, don't hesitate to call us to schedule a free consultation and we would be happy to discuss your options with you to help achieve your skincare goals! :)