- Make sure to shave the area that is being treated (unless you have discussed otherwise with your laser treatment technician). The laser needs to be attracted to the hair color BELOW the surface of the skin; furthermore, all surface hair will need to be shaved prior to your treatment for it to be most effective.

- Ensure you have not been in the sun in the previous two weeks without a good sunscreen. The laser is attracted to color; if you were recently in the sun, the laser will see the skin color rather than the hair below the surface. This will make you susceptible to skin damage and potential burns from the laser. Even if you do not show a recent tan, melanocytes (melanin {color} forming cells) within your skin will still be active for that 2 week period. Furthermore; if you have been in the sun for a prolonged period of time without sunscreen, make sure to re-schedule your appointment to avoid any complications.

- Also avoid sunless tanning (appointments and at-home solutions) prior to your laser appointment. Although sunless/artificial tanners are not a true tan, the laser will still be attracted to the darker color of your skin, and you will be unable to receive effective and safe treatment. Your skin should be as light as possible at the time you are receive treatment; there are no 'safe' tans for laser appointments. Save the sunless tan for after your laser hair removal appointment.

- Refrain from plucking or waxing any of the hairs within the treatment area (only shaving). If you remove the hair down to the follicle by waxing or plucking, there is no color to target within that specific follicle, and that hair will not have the opportunity to be eliminated. Shaving is fine, please no waxing or plucking (or the hair will continue to return).

- Make sure you clean the treatment area of any lotions, makeups, topical creams, etc. prior to your appointment (your laser technician may need to help you with this if you show up to the appointment with makeup on). A clean treatment area offers better and more effective laser results.

- Practice caution with any medications that you may be taking. It is very important to include a list of all current medications that you are taking, or have taken recently, as they may have adverse reactions to the laser. Any medications you are currently taking (or have taken recently) will be discussed with your technician, and potentially your doctor, in order to evaluate if laser hair removal is safe for you. It is imperative that you give an up-to-date and accurate medical history to your laser hair removal technician.

- Laser hair removal cannot be done to anyone who is currently pregnant. We look forward to seeing you after.

- If you have a history of cold sores, it is recommended that you see your doctor to get a prescription for an anti-viral medication at least 1-2 days prior to your appoint, as laser can make you susceptible to a breakout.

Call us at (303) 470-0200 if you have any additional questions prior to your appointment and we are always happy to discuss. See you soon!