Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a double chin starting back at you? It's that impossible area to effectively shrink with diet and exercise. You don't have to live with the reflection in the mirror!

KybellaKybella is an FDA-approved injectable for treating moderate to severe upper neck fat. It contains a naturally occuring molecule that attacks and destroys fat cells. This non-surgical treatment is a brilliant option to more invasive procedures.

Kybella offers a permanent solution to the fat that settles in under the chin. A series of injections shrinks the small pockets of fat, leaving a smaller, more defined neck. Some people even report the skin firming up in the area following treatment.

Expect some swelling and tenderness following the injection. Bruising may or may not occur. A series of injections, spaced four weeks apart may be necessary.

So don't stare back at the same chubby neck every day! Treat it with Kybella, and watch the fat disappear.