The FDA has recently approved Juvederm for use in lip augmentation! Also approved, Restylane is another great filler for the lips. Both allow you to get a natural, long-lasting look to plump your pout!

Both Restylane & Juvederm are facial fillers comprised of hyaluronic acid, which the human body naturally produces. Now, both fillers have met FDA standards for the safety and effectiveness of lip augmentation.

Using filler in the lips can take years off your appearance! Lips thin out as we get older and therefore a small amount of filler to the aging lip actually makes someone look younger! It's a subtle change that can make a dramatic difference!

To celebrate the FDA's approval, take $25 off each syringe of Juvederm this month, February 2016! Combine it with your Botox treatment and take off another $50! (20 units minimum).