It sneaks up on teenagers. It preys on young adults. It even gets on women in their 40s. ACNE! No one likes you! People young and old are in a constant search for a solution.

Visits to the dermatologist might load you down with topical creams, antibiotics, lotions, cleansers, & astringents. Put it all together, and you end up with dry skin too!

While certain creams and medications work for some people, not everyone responds to them. For those that can't get relief from anything else, and for those that want to combine their current regimen with additional treatments, we can help!

FDA approved LED blue light therapy is a blue light photodynamic therapy used to control moderate acne. This type of light therapy targets the cause of acne outbreaks, porphyrins created by P. acnes. When porphyrins are exposed to certain types of light wavelengths, they create free radicals that kill the acne bacteria. Without P. acnes to cause inflammation, acne can clear up.

We also offer several types of chemical peels, such as:

  • Glycolic: Chemical peel that exfoliates without scrubbing and can be done almost every week
  • Salicylic: Chemical peel that treats the bacteria that causes acne
  • Jessners: Targets pigment, fine lines, and acne, and can be performed either light or deep

Addititionally, we offer a traditional microdermabrasion treatment and levulan photodynamic therapy. Microdermabrasion resurfacing is used to remove the topmost layer of skin, leaving it brand new and smooth. Levulan photodynamic therapy (LPT) can help you fight sun damage and acne. Levulan is applied to an individual's skin and then activated by certain wavelengths of light. When LPT is added to your photorejuvenation treatment, you can double the effectiveness or solely treat acne utilizing LPT.

So whether you struggle on a daily basis or you want to make sure your skin is beautiful and clear for prom, graduation or that looming job interview, you have choices at Renu!