'Self-care'... you hear it all the time these days. It's all over Facebook, Instagram, in tons of books, blogs, beauty magazines, etc. BUT – have you ever stopped to think about what 'self-care' really is, and whether or not you are practicing self-care in your every-day lives?

Now more than ever before, we are being pulled in a million directions. No wonder we literally have to tell ourselves to practice self-care; otherwise, we simply 'wouldn't have the time.' With new reaches in technology, we have many more conveniences, but with it comes exponential amounts of added responsibility. I could go into each and every aspect of modern life that is adding to our stresses and spread-thin lives, but I have a good feeling you already know what they are. . . furthermore, I wanted to take the time to devote this month's blog about SELF-CARE; tell you to STOP what you are doing, and prioritize yourself. It's more important than you think for both your mental and physical health. So, pencil yourself in on a daily basis and find a way to take care of YOU.

What is self-care? Well, that is different for every individual... What do you need to feel recharged and whole as a human being? What helps you to feel rested and refreshed? Although it varies from person to person, I have compiled a list of ideas below to get you started; some things to ponder. At the end of the day, the moral of my writing is to tell you to really STOP and take good care of yourself.

Below are a few ideas to get you started:

  2. Take a break from social media
  3. Try to get more sleep than you have been
  4. Go outside and get some fresh air
  5. STOP, take a breath, now take another one, and another
  6. Live within the moment rather than thinking about past or future (try to let your mind rest)
  7. Meditate
  8. Get a good workout, whatever that means to YOU
  9. Say NO to plans and do what you need to re-charge
  10. Take some time to eat healthy and nourish your body
  11. Take vitamins
  12. Make the decision to truly eliminate toxic people from your life
  13. Read a good book
  14. Turn the lights off and give you eyes a rest, including from cell phones
  15. Turn off the tv, radio, and all other sources of sound... allow yourself to relax in the silence
  16. Take a nice, long, hot bath
  17. Finally get that massage or facial you have been wanting
  18. Drink more water and do it routinely
  19. Stretch
  20. Declutter your home by giving away things that don't bring joy to your life
  21. Binge on a good season of something you love and DO NOT feel guilty about it
  22. Go out for a good meal or cook a good meal in your home
  23. Have a good conversation with someone you enjoy spending time with
  24. Cut the small talk
  25. Cut the fat from your life
  26. Color in a coloring book
  27. ART!

There are a million other ways that you can practice self-care, just remember to stop and take time for yourself and do them.

What are some ways that you currently practice self-care? What are some ways you would like to start incorporating?