Hey all! I wanted to take a moment to stop and pay some much-needed attention to a condition that many people have and are still looking for answers to... MELASMA. I want to touch on what it is, where it may come from, and what steps you can take in the right direction. This is part one of a two-part blog that will be all about melasma. This first part I want to talk a little bit about the general information. In part two, I will be discussing my trial run with a solution that many of our clients have been swearing by as the only thing that has helped their melasma issues.

What is Melasma? A common skin problem that causes darker patches on your facial skin (grey to brown in color). – Can also appear on other parts of your body.

What are the causes of Melasma? This is a difficult skin condition because exact causes are somewhat hard to pinpoint and there is much speculation as to what things may be causing melasma coloration. Common triggers for Melasma are known to be pregnancy, sun exposure, birth control, hormonal imbalances and heat can make existing Melasma worse. Heat can exacerbate melasma making laser and IPL treatments counter productive to the skin condition! Before you head in for an IPL treatment, make sure that is the right choice for you and potentially try some other avenues first.

Symptoms? Melasma will not cause any bodily symptoms that you may feel, but it can be an annoyance and may people dislike they way their skin looks with Melasma.


  • Hydroquinone for lightening
  • Tretinoin / Retin A / Corticosteroids
  • Other Topicals – Azelaic Acid, Etc.
  • Procedures: Chemical Peels, Microderm Abrasions, Microneedling

As someone who also deals with Melasma, I have just begun a trial run utilizing Cysteamine Cream for my Melasma. I will be taking the entire month for documentation and analyzation of my results as I go through the process, and my findings will be Park Two of this Melasma Blog.

Many of our clients who suffer from Melasma rant and rave about Cysteamine Cream and we are very excited to start sharing this with others who may also struggle to find an answer.

We would be happy to get you in for a free consultation if you believe you may be struggling to find answers for your Melasma!