So you may have heard your skin care provider discus that you have what is called a 'milia'. Below we break it down what exactly that is!

Milia are tiny and hard, white/yellow pearl like bumps on the skin. It can almost look s if it is a white head blemish on the skin, without the inflammation and irritation typically associated with acne.

What exactly is in a milia?

  • A milia is a mixture of dead skin cells and keratin with a layer of skin formed over.

What causes a milia?

  • Under-exfoliating and accumulation of dead skin cells over time
  • Sleeping with your makeup on and not washing your face/body before bed
  • Sun damage
  • Heavy moisturizers or creams

What can be done about a milia?

  • Your skincare provider can easily help you with this by safely extracting the dead skin cells. Some are very difficult to reach so it is important that you DO NOT attempt to do this at home as this could cause hyperpigmentation and scarring of the skin. At times we may even use an electrolysis machine to get deep into the follicle to extract the material. After extraction, your skin care provider may discuss with you ways to avoid milia. This could include incorporating a regimen of retinol/retinoids in order to encourage skin cell turnover and avoid accumulation of dead skin cells. Getting regular facials (microdermabrasion, extraction, dermaplaning, etc.) is also another way to take care of your skin and remove any accumulated “gunk”.

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