You see the dentist every 6 months. You see your gynecologist every year. You might even get your nails done every week. But what about your skin? It is vital to have regular maintenance on your skin in order to keep it looking youthful and fresh.

We would suggest that a monthly dermaplane, hydrafacial or chemical peel, These are some of the best ways to keep your skin in tip top shape. Dermaplaning is an exfoliative treatment performed using a scalpel to 'shave' away the outermost layers of the skin. Not only will you achieve smoother, brighter skin but this also helps remove peach fuzz. Despite popular belief, the hair does not grow back thicker!

A Hydrafacial will noticeably hydrate your skin, plump fine lines, and eliminate wrinkles. After just one hydrafacial, your face can have an even skin tone and you may notice an improvement with acne, oily skin, and hyperpigmentation issues. Hydrafacials remove dead skin cells and extract impurities while bathing the new skin with hydrating, moisturizing, and cleansing serums.

A chemical peel is used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off. The regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled and even helps with discoloration.

When treating your skin regularly, it consistently sheds the top layer of skin, leaving a fresh glow behind. Think about it! Treat your skin like you would your teeth or your toes. Stay on top of that regular skin maintenance, and don't forget your sunscreen!