Foods that can lead to healthy and glowing skin:

You can be using top of the line products and make a conscious effort to ensure your skin looks good from the outside, but one component many forget to incorporate is diet. You skin will only be as good as what you put in your body; hence, its time you start being conscious about what you are, or are not, putting into yours.

Healthy skin defines how healthy we are internally, which is just as (if not more) important. Whatever you eat will then reflect on your skin. Eating foods that help to nourish your body will in turn help to nourish one of your largest organs, your skin.

So, lets talk about some foodsingredients that can help you achieve bright and glowing skin. . . (but please remember that if you are putting in a slue of bad foods, this is counter-productive)

  • Dark Chocolate – Flavonoids, antioxidants that help to protect your skin from free radicals. No, milk chocolate is NOT the same. Any foods containing antioxidants will help to fight free radicals which are know to cause skin damage.
  • Kiwi – Vitamin C, not only do we want to put it on our face, we want to put it in our bodies. Products with Vitamin C help to protect against acne scarring and helps to heal damaged or irritated skin. (melon, oranges, tomatoes)
  • Antioxidant Rich Foods: Blood Oranges, Avocado, Olive Oil, Red Peppers, walnut, aloe.
  • WATER – Hydrate, people. If your body is composed of about 80% water and you are dehydrated, things are bound to go awry. Also, water helps in flushing toxins from your body which are known to cause skin damage. No, caffeine DOES NOT count as your water intake (this includes caffeinated teas).
  • Any Omega 3 Fatty Acids: help to reduce inflammation and preserved elasticity. Also helps to moisturize the skin from within. (salmon and walnuts)

Healthy skin starts from within!