• CLEANSER: cleans the skin by removing oils, dirt/debris, lotions, and makeup
  • TONER: removes any remaining oil that may exist on your face after you cleanse. Also helps to neutralize the skin's pH balance
  • EXFOLIANT: Removed dead skin cells from surface of face and neck
  • SERUM: Penetrates deeply to deliver a high concentration of effective ingredients, also helps to replace oils that may be lost during cleansing and toning
  • MOISTURIZER: Protects your skin and adds moisture back to you face and neck after cleansing, toning, and exfoliation. You get bonus points if you have a moisturizer that contains sunscreen

We are here to help. Whether you have an established skincare routine, or you are new to the world of skincare products, or employees at Renu Laser and Skin Care can help guide you to a product line that is right for you and fits within you budget goals.