Everybody knows sunscreen is important, but are you armed with all of the correct knowledge about this vital block? Here are the top 5 myths regarding suscreen:

  1. Spray sunscreens provide the best coverage. In reality, it can be hard to tell how much coverage you're getting. To make sure you're fully protected, spray the sunscreen into your hand and then rub it in!
  2. Kids need a special formula. Actually, the FDA does not distinquish between sunscreens for adults and kids. There is not a higher standard for kids!
  3. A little goes a long way. Use more than you think you need! About 30 minutes before going in the sun, apply enough sunscreen to fill a shotglass.
  4. You can trust the SPF listing on the bottle. Independent tests on multiple occasions have shown an SPF lower than the bottle advertised.
  5. A 30 SPF has twice the amount of protection than a 15 SPF. Don't rely on this myth to think you're more protected than you are. Be sure to reapply every 2 hours!