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NeoGen Nitrogen Plasma System - Unique Deep Tissue Remodeling with Rapid Healing!

NeoGen Plasma Skin Restoration is a dramatically different, safe and clinically proven treatment now available at Renu. This unique treatment utilizes the latest "plasma" energy to revitalize your skin. It is the first and only cosmetic treatment proven to deliver true skin restoration, providing remarkable and long lasting results.

NeoGen is ideal for the full face, neck, chest and hands, or regional areas such as around the eyes and mouth.

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How it Works

While some treatments provide a modest improvement at the skin surface, clinically proven NeoGen Plasma distinctively alters structures at, and below the surface. This creates the right conditions for continuing skin restorations. The results are dramatic improvements to fine and deep wrinkles, acne scars, skin laxity and discoloration as well as poor skin tone and texture.

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To see if you're an ideal candidate for skin restoration or for more information about NeoGen, contact us today.