Men, it's more common that you think... There are other men out there getting Botox, they may just not be talking about it. It's time for us to clear this up. Here at Renu Laser and Skin Care, we have numerous men who come in for our injectables, whether it is Botox, Kybella, fillers, or other options. You, too, can benefit from injectables!

Generally, men who are getting Botox are between the ages of 35-65; however, we have seen plenty of people outside that age range come in depending on their primary concern. Primarily, men seem to desire injections into their browns, around their eyes ('crow's feet'), and in the forehead.

Per the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, approximately 453,000 males received Botox in the year 2016, and this number is on the rise.

A lot of men vocalize fear of having the 'frozen face look', yet what many people in general do not understand is that many things can be done with injectables to improve your appearance, yet not give away that you have received Botox. Most times, when administered correctly, no one will notice you have utilized injectables. This is based heavily upon your injector. Here at Renu Laser and Skin Care, we have Ms. Abby Coddins, R.N. (Registered Nurse) on staff to administer injections. She is highly skilled in both medical aesthetics, as well as a strong and lengthy background in operating room and emergency room nursing. She has utilized Botox on men and women for years and is truly skilled at what she does.

At least come in for a FREE consultation and ask the questions you know you have... What is there to lose! Yes, it can help you, and WE are here to help you. Call to schedule an appointment for yourself, or the leading man in your life.