The decision to get Botox is one you probably gave a lot of thought. You know the aesthetic benefits are great, but you probably have other questions on your mind. Here are 5 things you should know before you book your appointment.

  1. Make sure you research your caregiver. There are many providers who can inject but haven't been properly trained. Imagineā€¦ a psychiatrist, a dentist, an untrained nurse are all legally able to inject Botox. Go to someone who does it regularly and often! It's your face
  2. Cost. Sure, Groupon might be running a 50% off sale for Botox with a spa down the road. But is your appearance really something you want to get on sale? Sometimes paying a little more is the better in order to work with a provider that really knows what he or she is doing!
  3. What about side effects? Know before you go! Common side effects include bruising and swelling. If you're attending your daughter's graduation this weekend, you might want to wait until next week.
  4. Speaking of major events and wanting to look your best, getting injected two days before the celebration isn't going to stop that frown. Botox can take up to 7 days to fully kick in. Plan ahead!
  5. We all know that Botox can shave years off your appearance by smoothing out wrinkles and getting rid of those frown lines. But, it can be expensive. Here is some great news: getting your Botox now, can actually save you money later! When your muscles can't crease your skin over time, those wrinkles don't set in and become deeper every year. Get ahead of the curveball and avoid wrinkles now!