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Enjoy Clearer Skin in Littleton, CO

Whether you want clearer skin for your prom or more confidence for a job interview, Renu can help. We have been assisting residents in the Denver area with their acne issues for more than 15 years. At our Littleton complete medical spa, we offer some of the highest quality of acne control treatments. Our skin care professionals know how difficult it can be to deal with sensitive facial skin. We want to help you restore your skin to its original health and beauty, boosting your confidence along the way. If you are tired of dealing with unsuccessful skin treatments, come check out our top of the line acne treatment products.

Finding a Solution for Your Acne

We offer several different options for acne treatment, including LED blue light therapy. This type of light therapy targets the cause of acne outbreaks, porphyrins created by P. acnes. When porphyrins are exposed to certain types of light wavelengths, they create free radicals that kill the acne bacteria. Without P. acnes to cause inflammation, acne can clear up.

We also offer several types of chemical peels, such as:

  • Glycolic: Chemical peel that exfoliates without scrubbing and can be done almost every week
  • Salicylic: Chemical peel that treats the bacteria that causes acne
  • Jessners: Targets pigment, fine lines, and acne, and can be performed either light or deep

Other Acne Treatments Offered at Renu

Learn about Agnes RF on how it significantly reduces the recurrence of acne, by destroying the sebaceous glands, the cause of acne.

We also offer microdermabrasion exfoliate services and levulan photodynamic therapy. Microdermabrasion resurfacing is used to remove the topmost layer of skin, leaving it brand new and smooth. Our skin care specialists remove the skin by exfoliating with crystals, while vacuuming the dead skin cells away. When this outer layer of skin is removed, your face will feel smoother and can promote the growth of health new skin cells. Treatment series can be anywhere from four to eight sessions, depending on the condition of a patient's skin. Levulan photodynamic therapy (LPT) can help you fight sun damage and acne. Levulan is applied to an individual's skin and then activated by certain wavelengths of light. When LPT is added to your photorejuvenation treatment, you can double the effectiveness or solely treat acne utilizing LPT.

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